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English MCQs

English MCQs for Jobs in Pakistan

Hey, Today in this article we are going to give you the 500+ English MCQs with answers For jobs in 2020, These MCQs are taken from various Jobs tests such as National Testing Service, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams of Pakistan.

We have collected all the data and we have tried to provide you the best information related to English MCQs with their answers. These English MCQs will help you for the Preparation of Job Test,  Interview, and competitive exams, etc. These English MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams of Pakistan. 

Note: List down below contains Ultimate English MCQS (Try to GET maximum benefit form this list). These MCQs will be repeated in upcoming test.

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English MCQs with answers For jobs in 2020

English MCQs

  1. While Pakistan has earned record revenue this year, __________ well behind in exports? it still lags
  2. Anna and Tania went shopping, but __________ couldn‘t find anything __________ liked? they, they
  3. Nuclear energy is __________ dangerous to be used widely? too
  4. I have money, I __________ it tomorrow? will purchase
  5. Cannon had __________ unique qualities _________ it was used widely in ancient times? such, that
  6. She succeeded by __________ hard? working
  7. Galilei made her children __________ chores on Sunday? do some
  8. I enjoy __________ tennis? playing
  9. Most of the guests arrived __________ buses? in
  10. The departmental store is open __________ eight to seven? from
  11. On leaving the shopping plaza, Kate was robbed __________ purse? of her
  12. If I had money, I __________ it now? would purchase
  13. The man __________ you met is an anchorperson? whom
  14. The woman __________ is standing by the table works in electronic media? who
  15. He is looking for accommodation __________ in flat or shared house? either
  16. You can go neither by train __________ by bus? nor
  17. Before designing a public park, the architect must __________ the public? consider
  18. When she was younger, she __________ five kilometers a day? walked
  19. The house is large __________ is quite old-fashioned? but
  20. We need to find __________ method to solve this problem? another
  21. The students in our school are __________ in other schools? smarter than those
  22. The number of web entrepreneurs __________ increasing every year? is
  23. Write down __________ your name and roll number? both
  24. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) burns less efficiently than gasoline __________? burns
  25. Oxygen can be mixed with __________ gasses such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Chlorine? other
  26. The man __________ wallet was stolen called the police? whose
  27. The market is nearer to them than __________? us
  28. He takes his turn, and she takes __________? hers
  29. If I had had money, I __________ it yesterday? would have purchased
  30. Umma, accompanied by her brother, __________ at the party? was

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  1. White ball __________ for the first time in the 1992 Cricket World Cup? was used
  2. The new information on dengue virus caused panic in the public and government
    __________? alike
  3. I cannot come to see you _________ tomorrow? until
  4. He has been living in Switzerland _________ two years? for
  5. She is standing __________ her boyfriend? by
  6. He paid the dining bill __________ a credit card? with
  7. He did not give up __________? hoping
  8. __________ the bad weather, the outdoor party was rescheduled? Because
  9. of__________ loosing the first match, our team has won the world cup? Despite
  10. Everyone at the party __________ amazed by his performance? was
  11. She __________ for the upcoming tennis tournament? is training
  12. I __________ Afghanistan next year? am going to
  13. There are some vacant rooms __________ in flats and shared houses? both
  14. The sun rises __________ the east? in
  15. Nitrogen gas is in abundance __________ the Earth? on
  16. I was watching a TV program, when he __________ in? walked
  17. We are planning __________ out to dinner tonight? to take our guests
  18. She took lessons __________ how to swim? to learn
  19. The class teacher __________ Anna move to another chair? let
  20. He devotes much of his time __________ for the future? to planning
  21. For good health, she __________ bed earlier? should go to
  22. If you have time, you __________ the nature museum? should visit
  23. It is our problem, not __________?  theirs
  24. The number of guests at the party __________ amazing? was
  25. __________ 600 and 800 B.C, Olympics were held in Athens, Greece? Between
  26. She __________ the driving test to get a license? has to pass
  27. As there were no buses, she __________ home last night? had to walk
  28. __________ these books belong to? Who do
  29. I cannot concentrate, here is too much __________? detraction
  30. It is expected that the assembly will _________ these treaties? ratify

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    1. Oil is mostly _________ by trucks in Pakistan? transmit
    2. Bus _________ are going to increase? rates
    3. Pakistani __________ met his counterpart in London? council
    4. Children like to watch science __________ movies? fiction
    5. This account is exempted from __________ charges? levy
    6. His believe that he could do this, is his __________? depict
    7. You are wearing an army’s uniform, but the __________ is missing? epoch
    8. I am afraid __________ cats? of
    9. We did not have __________ questions for the lecturer? any
    10. Octopuses have not only large brains __________ also a well-developed nervous system? but
    11. The manager __________ everyone go home an hour early on Friday afternoon? let
  1. He came in Karachi __________ August 14, 2010? on
  2. Bilal is not receiving the call. He is __________ at work? still
  3. Bilal is getting __________ the car? out of
  4. Saad is travelling __________ the school? towards
  5. They went __________ the rain? despite
  6. I was surprised by the large __________ people who came? number of
  7. Synonym of Bonhomie_____________? Affability
  8. He was abstained_______ salted food by the doctor? From
  9. Well, this is very interesting but I am very_____ ?Busy
  10. You _____very clear? Sound
  11. I am just____ out my new mobile? Trying
  12. Drugs addicts in Pakistan are___ in special centers set up by the Government? Consulted
  13. Can you help____ up the mess? clear
  14. The deadline was nearby, so Mrs. Jamal had her student _____their essays? completed
  15. Javed, two of______ brothers attend primary school? wishes to be a school
  16. teacher after his graduation from the University? whose
  17. She lived_____ juice for ten days to slim down for the fashion show? off
  18. My husband asked him if he’d ever been convicted_____ a crimes? of
  19. The department head insisted that he____ absolute authority to regulate office
    work? would be given

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  1. She has been supporting her family______ her husband’s death? since
  2. There is something wonderful_____ him? about
  3. Could I have a____ of chocolate? bar
  4. Four independent______ testified to seeing him at the scene of the crime? witnesses
  5. May I give you______ advice? some
  6. There______ any message from my teacher since she moved to London? hasn’t been
  7. If everything goes according to_______ , work will be complete in December.? schedule
  8. Please_____ two color passport photographs to the application form? attach
  9. He shows great ability____ Mathematics? in
  10. The sparrows took no____ the bread? notice of
  11. The powers of the party are__ in several places in the Constitution? enumerated
  12. The teacher found many mistakes in my composition, when she went___ it? through
  13. The President’s speech was so_____ that many people were persuaded to
    accept the need for change? eloquent
  14. The fireman managed to put____ the fire? out
  15. A system is_____ if it is easy for citizens to access and understand? transparent
  16. Did the boys turn____ for football practice? up
  17. Health______ labels have adorned cigarette packages since 1966 in USA? warning
  18. Some animals have unique_____ that allow them to survive in extreme weather
    conditions? characteristic
  19. What was the main______ behind London bombings? motive
  20. There was an_____ response for the marathon? overwhelming
  21. I would really______ if you could help me out? appreciate
  22. A speed limit is the______ legal speed that you can travel on the road? maximum
  23. Ali must have the______ to stick to his diet, if he wants to lose weight? determination
  24. Although he had no_____ injuries, doctors found that he was suffering from
    internal bleeding? external
  25. _______weight gain or weight loss is not good for your body? Excessive
  26. Water is made up of two____ , namely oxygen and hydrogen? Elements
  27. and Mrs. Khan go for a______ walk just before dinner? brisk
  28. A Computer is hard to repair as there may be hundreds of different_____ ? components
  29. We shall go for a picnic if the weather______ good? is
  30. In the test, we will_______ your work and then give you detailed feedback? assess

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  1. The smoke went_______ the chimney? up
  2. She has only_____ friends? a few
  3. He wore multiple bracelets on_____ hand? each
  4. I______ to the Islamabad with some friends last night? went
  5. Army_____ troubled places as curfew remained in force? patrolling
  6. _____you hear the President’s speech? Did
  7. How much longer_____ this book? will you be needing
  8. He decided to______ his degree examination in order to get a higher score? rewrite
  9. The news was____ good to be true? too
  10. The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on_____ one point
    only? stressing
  11. How did these things come______? about
  12. Macbeth’s desire_____ power brought about his downfall? for
  13. The worker used_____ to patch up the hole in the wall? cement
  14. The agenda for the meeting is____ the notice? enclosed with
  15. I am exhausted, let’s_____ a day? call it
  16. It’s difficult_________ reconcile such different points of view? to
  17. Many people reported_________ a noise in the night? to have heard
  18. The color of the walls in my room has faded_____? away
  19. The flight stewardess the passenger_____________? how to fasten the seat belt
  20. _______a single word he says? don’t believe
  21. She made her stepson her______ to her large fortune? heir
  22. The girl ran______ the field when she saw her father after long time? across
  23. The Paralympics is a competition for the______? disabled
  24. He has___________ his mind to Join Pak Army? made up
  25. The farmers___________ their farms, if they had known that a thunderstorm was
    approaching? would have left
  26. I promise________ to you in all circumstances? stand with
  27. The problem___________ a lot of thought? calls for
  28. Do you prefer_________ or traditional art forms? contemporary
  29. It is already 8 o’clock. Can you________ time to catch the bus? make it in
  30. _________she is clever, she often makes mistakes? Although

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  1. It is certain that human beings_______ latent power of which they are only vaguely aware? possess
  2. _________your instruction, we have closed your bank account? In accordance with
  3. He tends to________ any suggestion I make in meetings? cooperate
  4. My younger sister constantly misbehaves and is always causing_________? mischief
  5. If you had followed the rules, you_______ disqualified? would not have been
  6. The_______ were arrested for illegally hunting the bears? poachers
  7. _______you leave now, you will be late? Unless
  8. The man________ down the road is my brother? hurrying
  9. John said he________ to play at home? would prefer
  10. The housewife________ the cakes burning, and ran to switch off the oven? smelt
  11. If we go to the park___________, you like to come too? would
  12. When will you hand ________your assignment? in
  13. I am very much_________ to meet you? delighted
  14. If I had helped him, he________ drowned? would not have
  15. He has many friends, but______ are good ones? few
  16. ______ the rain forests is very important, if we do not want the flora and fauna
    found there to become extinct? Preserving
  17. That was______ movie I have ever seen? the worst
  18. I assume________ with me? that everyone agrees
  19. There is quite tenuous evidence________ it? for
  20. The company let me_____ time off work? take
  21. ________you wake me up so early on a Sunday? could
  22. Do not stay in the grasslands after dark, as some animals become______ when
    they see humans? aggressive
  23. My father was angry______ my failure? At
  24. She remained a______ all her life? spinster
  25. My brother is devoted_________ religion? to
  26. The lion sprang______ the buffaloes? upon
  27. The song in the play cannot be deleted as it is_____ to the story? integral
  28. After_______ smoking, they let the cigarette fall on the wood floor? finishing
  29. There is something wonderful_____ him? about
  30. He_______ in Pakistan? lives

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  1. The building is not safe and must be______ down? pulled
  2. He is blind_____ one eye? of
  3. I shall look_____ the matter? into
  4. I am very much_______ to meet you? delighted
  5. All of us are devoted____ one another? to
  6. The man_________ down the road is my brother? hurrying
  7. It is already 5 o’clock. Can you_________ time to catch the bus? make it in
  8. It is certain that human beings__ latent power of which they are only vaguely aware? possess
  9. If we go to the park__________ you like to come too? would
  10. Some people_______ to the officer against him about his misdeeds? complained
  11. The police forces have launched an operation to__ out the kidnapped person? trace
  12. If she is not interested, we will___________ the proposal? abandon
  13. There is something wonderful________ him? about
  14. The President’s speech was so______ that many people were persuaded to
    accept the need for change? eloquent
  15. A speed limit is the legal speed_____ that you can travel on the road? maximum
  16. In the test, we will_____ your work and then give you detailed feedback? assess
  17. The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on___ one point only? stressing
  18. Its difficult_______ reconcile such different points of view? to
  19. I promise to_________ you in all circumstances? stand with
  20. Asmah __________ a book yesterday? read
  21. It was raining yesterday, so we __________ out? did not go
  22. I __________ what was happening? couldn‘t understand
  23. If you work hard, you __________ good marks? will get
  24. If you __________ hard, you would not have failed in the exams? had worked
  25. If the camera was working, we __________ a movie? .could make
  26. Emma is getting __________ the car? out of
  27. Near the London eye, there is a bridge __________ the Thames River? .over
  28. Asmat is falling __________ the horse? off
  29. She is looking for a job in __________ electronic or print media? either
  30. They could save money if they bought __________ furniture? economical

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  1. I must get to the market before it __________? closes
  2. One day people __________ to Moon? will travel
  3. Najeeb __________ gym this evening? is going to
  4. Emma lives in Brighton, __________? doesn‘t she
  5. They will not come here, __________? will they
  6. The newly installed application sounds very __________? interesting
  7. Our team played __________? badly
  8. Fatima is not at home at the moment. She __________ work? is at
  9. Fatima, Umma and I __________ good friends? are
  10. I __________ my mobile phone yesterday? lost
  11. My elder brother has got a motor bike but I __________? have not
  12. What __________ to drink, tea or coffee? would you like
  13. __________ for a concert this evening? Would you like to go
  14. Are you interested in __________?Physics
  15. I bought some pictures when I was __________ holiday __________ December, and now I‘m going to hang them __________ the wall? on, in, on
  16. I am going __________ to watch a movie? to the cinema
  17. Anna has finished her work, now she is __________ home? going
  18. Write your name and roll number __________ top of the page? at the
  19. We came __________ the room and jumped __________ the swimming pool? out of, into
  20. She lived __________ Australia __________ 2008 __________ 2015? in, from, until
  21. Not only her parents __________ her class teacher __________ proud of her results? but also, was
  22. Yesterday I got a call from my old friend, and he __________ me the whole story? told
  23. Maldives is a country __________ thousands of islands, and it is __________ most dispersed country? made up of, the
  24. You need to write your mobile number, while home address is __________? optional
  25. The problem is not _________ to one of internal? reducible
  26. They had been __________ false beliefs from their childhood? indoctrinated
  27. She is not willing to reveal the identity of her __________? informant
  28. Employs in this department always __________ close relations with each other? maintain
  29. Emma is older __________ Alice, while Jolie is __________ oldest? than, the
  30. I can‘t walk anymore, I‘m __________ tired? too
  31. Antonym of FRIVOLOUS is _____________? Petty
  32. Antonym of DUCTILE is _____________? Stiff
  33. Antonym of DEVIANT is _____________? Regular
  34. Antonym of CURTAIL is _____________? Prolong
  35. Antonym of DEXTEROUS is _____________? Inexpert
  36. Antonym of DOCILE is _____________? Unyielding
  37. Antonym of SARTORIAL is _____________? Homespun
  38. Antonym of PIQUE is _____________? Joy
  39. Antonym of GUMPTION is _____________? Apathy
  40. Antonym of RECONDITE is_____________? Manifest
  41. Antonym of ENORMOUS is_____________? Tiny
  42. Antonym of ARTIFICIAL is ______________? Natural
  43. Antonym of EXPAND is _____________? Condense


  1. I ___an old friend in Empress Market this morning? came across
  2. Nothing must be allowed to_____ our search for the truth? interfered with
  3. Our plan_____ to succeed? bid fair
  4. Complete the following sentence: No sooner did the thief see the policeman____? then  he ran away
  5. What is Synonyms of word Nightmare? Incubus
  6. Pick the correct response from following sentence “In the beginning he worked
    honestly but later he turned_________ to be a cheat? Out
  7. As he was not prepared for making a speech he broke_______ in the middle? off
  8. Complete the following sentence: The doctor advised the patient________? not to neglect his health
  9. I dont agree with you; I think_________? it is rather a good film
  10. I enquired of him________? if he wanted to join the course
  11. He exclaimed with shock________? that it was a very tragic accident
  12. What is antonyms of word Restoration______? Depredation
  13. What is synonyms of word Pedigree_________? Lineage
  14. Because of oil crisis, the prices of commodities are looking_______? up
  15. Synonym of “Mano a Mano? Hand to hand
  16. I am astonished______ his behavior? With
  17. “Profligate” Antonym______? Thrifty
  18. “Reading” quickly and well requires practice. The “Reading” word is a/an _______? Gerund
  19. What does the word ‘CASCADE’ means? Waterfall
  20. Adnan is “very different about” passing the Civil Services Examination this year? Lacking self-confidence about
  21. It was he who put “a spoke in my wheel? thwarted in the execution of the plan
  22. Plough a lonely furrow means_____? do without the help of others
  23. He is “out and out” a reactionary? thoroughly
  24. Synonym of Shelve_______? postpone
  25. The decision did not appear to “hold out” bright prospects? offer
  26. Stew in ones own juice means________? Suffer for his own act
  27. Play to the gallery means_________? attempt to appeal to popular taste
  28. He is using “backstairs influence” to sort out his matter? Secret and unfair influence
  29. He was undecided. He “let the grass grow under his feet? loitered around
  30. This matter has been “hanging fire” for the last many days. It should be sorted out? going on slowly

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  1. Synonym of WIELD _____________? Exert
  2. Synonym of WANE _____________? Decline
  3. Synonym of WARY is _____________? Prudent
  4. Synonym of VAGRANT is _____________? Roving
  5. Synonym of VALOUR is _____________? Heroism
  6. Synonym of YOKE is _____________? Harness
  7. Synonym of YELL is _____________? Shout
  8. Synonym of YEARN is _____________? Require
  9. Synonym of ZEST is _____________? Enthusiasm
  10. Synonym of ZEALOT is _____________? Fanatic
  11. Synonym of EXUDE is _____________? Ooze
  12. Synonym of PREVARICATE is _____________? Lie
  13. Synonym of PRECARIOUS is _____________? Unsafe
  14. Synonym of DELEGATE is _____________? Representative
  15. Synonym of LETHARGY is _____________? Laxity
  16. Synonym of EMACIATED is _____________? very thin
  17. Synonym of CIRCUITOUS is _____________? Cyclic
  18. Synonym of Enigma is _____________? Puzzle

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