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Shortly after Elon Musk officially bought Twitter for $44 billion on Oct. 27, the Tesla (TSLA) – Get a free report CEO took the company private and started downsizing.

He fired Twitter’s CEO, CFO and other executives. His vision for the company was for a much smaller workforce, so mass layoffs began. Around 3,700 people were laid off, about half of the company’s employees.

Many Twitter workers quickly found out their jobs were gone. Some just couldn’t log into their laptops, while others got the message because they were locked out of their Slack accounts.

Then, on November 16, Musk continued the purge by issuing an ultimatum to Twitter employees. He emailed all staff, urging them to expect “long hours at high intensity” and agree to those terms. If they did not agree, they were told they would receive three months’ severance pay.

“To build a future breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and thrive in an increasingly competitive world, we need to be extremely hardcore,” Musk wrote in the email. “This means working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance constitutes a passing grade,” the billionaire wrote.

“If you are sure you would like to be part of the new Twitter, please click the link below,” he continued. “Anyone who has not done so by 5 p.m. ET tomorrow (Thursday) will receive three months’ severance pay.”

Musk’s leadership style is undeniably aggressive and, to some observers, short-sighted and mean.

Against this background, an employee appraisal 2018 at Tesla was created.

An “Ugly Part of Tesla’s Culture”

The poll, referenced in early November in a lawsuit filed by a Tesla shareholder over Musk’s $50 billion pay package, shows that employees have formally filed grievances about the company’s culture and leadership.

“Tesla bleeds from highly talented, passionately driven people who genuinely believe in the company’s vision and continue to hope for its success,” one employee wrote in the poll published by Insider. “Elon is a technical leader at the highest level, yet is widely viewed as an unapproachable bully who discounts employees’ contributions and can fire them on a whim… We treat people, the fundamental unit of a company, like any other expendable resource.”

Insider reported the worker added that Tesla “doesn’t differentiate between technical leadership and people leadership,” calling it an “ugly part of Tesla’s culture.”

The survey also provided results of employee favoritism ratings in response to a series of questions. The weakest scores came in the areas of compensation and trust in Musk and his leadership team to align employee interests with those of the company.

Tesla is an “extremely toxic environment”

The employee survey revealed a number of other concerns. These include the following:

  • “Elon needs to take the position he put the team in. He and JB have to do it themselves. They must immediately stop firing everyone who reports to them and remove all threats from their operations. I feel like I or someone around me will be fired at any time, and I have no plans to remain in this extremely toxic environment for much longer.”
  • “…the blame Elon and the Exec team place on lower level engineers without taking responsibility for the poor level of design review, unrealistic planning and under-allocation of resources has caused me to lose all confidence in Lost Elon as a leader of this company.”
  • “…empower people not to let Elon pressure them into making unrealistic commitments.”
  • “I think more effort needs to be put into the culture here at Tesla. I know that work is incredibly important and that we all have to work hard, but we also need ways to express and enjoy ourselves on a more personal level… There are also few communications from Elon Musk and the leadership team… Me think it is important [they] Please reach out to the company from time to time with exciting news so we can have a stronger sense of community and belonging.”

Elon Musk Called ‘unapproachable Bully’ In Tesla Employee Survey – S Chronicles

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