As an Electrical Engineer Student or a Professional engineer, we have questions like

    • How much do electrical engineer make in 2020
    • How much an electrical engineering degree salary?
    • How much I will earn in the United States as an Electrical engineer.
    • Electrical Engineer starting salary
    • Senior Electrical Engineer Salary

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So today in this post of Electrical Engineer Salary in 2020? Fresh Engineer Salary in PakistanI will cover these all questions, We all want to measure our electrical engineering degree’s worth and want to know how much average year an electrical engineer earn. and I hope in this article, I will help you to find your degree’s worth which will help you a lot in your career building.

How much does a Fresh Electrical Engineer Make in Pakistan?

This is the one question which is most probably a common question in our field because we want to know how much we can earn from our electrical engineering degree.

According to the Payscale.

Average Starting Electrical Engineer salary per year is:

$70,456= INR:44,81952.76

$70,456= PKR:77,86444.84


And the mid average salary of electrical engineering degree is $89,133.

How much I will earn in the United States as an Electrical engineer.

One of the highest paying careers is found in the engineering field, Engineering is highly considered as one of the most demand.

One of the best engineering disciplines is Electrical engineering degree and the best job, as well as salaries for an electrical engineer, can exceed $120k per year once the engineer has good experience in this area.

But this earning factor depends on lots of things like in which area you are working and how much the worth of company or organization have working as an Electrical engineer in the United States and giving your duty in the well-known organization is the dream.
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Starting Electrical Engineer Salary in the United States:

The average salary for an Entry-Level Electrical Engineer is $66,906 per year.
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entry level electrical engineer salary

Salary$51,371 – $84,976
Bonus$206 – $8,156
Profit Sharing$0.00 – $8,007
Total Pay (?)$50,113 – $87,647
Country: United States, Currency: USD, Published on: 27 Jan 2018

Mid-Career Senior Electrical Engineer Salary in Pakistan

A Mid-Career Senior Electrical Engineer earns an average salary of $93,269 per year.


Salary$76,726 – $118,215
Bonus$997 – $15,051
Profit Sharing$409 – $15,142
Total Pay (?)$77,636 – $123,965
· Country: the United States, Currency: USD, Published on 26 Jan 2018
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Senior Electrical Engineer Salary

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Average pay for a Senior Electrical Engineer in the United States is considerable, rounding some figures at $100K per year. With some bonuses and allowances approaching $17K and certain profit shares which proceeds approaching $11K, overall incomes of Senior Electrical Engineers spread between $80K and $145K depending on individual performance.

Salary$78,092 – $129,931
Bonus$960 – $15,419
Profit Sharing$492 – $15,043
Total Pay (?)$79,205 – $138,369
Country: United States, Currency: USD, Updated: 27 Jan 2018

Late-Career Senior Electrical Engineer Salary

The average salary for a Late-Career Senior Electrical Engineer is $110,609 per year.

Salary$86,554 – $146,646
Bonus$242 – $17,796
Profit Sharing$0.00 – $19,267
Total Pay (?)$88,483 – $155,094
Country: United States, Currency: USD, Updated: 20 Jan 2018

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List of Few areas in United States where you can get high Pay as an Electrical Engineer.

pay areas wise

These are all facts and figures. I hope you liked this Electrical Engineer Salary in 2019? Fresh Engineer Salary in Pakistan post if yes then comment below. and if you have information about the salary of an electrical engineer in your region then comment below to let the other know the worth of this degree. Thanks!

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