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best educational websites in Pakistan

Educational Websites in Pakistan for Students

Well if you are an online learner and in search of the best educational websites in Pakistan then you don’t need to search further we will provide you the best websites in Pakistan. As the Internet has made our lifestyle easy and lavish by bringing each and everything to our fingertips. Web developers are working day and night to facilitate the users to get more and more specific information on each and every single topic.

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Here we have selected the Top Most educational websites in Pakistan that are working efficiently and excellently to provide the users the cogent material on a single click. These websites will provide you the desired material even from the junior school-boy level to the master level and Ph.D. holders follow these websites to collect data. They will provide you the courses, subjects notes, past papers, sample papers, and test MCQs as well.

Let’s have a look at the most informative websites one by one:

Best Educational Websites in Pakistan

best educational websites in Pakistan

best educational websites in Pakistan

1: IlimkiDunya.Com

The widely used website having thousands of viewers. Mostly the student community goes through this website for their desired data such as course contents, notes, subjects from different colleges and universities in Pakistan. You can find exam sheets, results and enroll slips as well on this website.
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Official Website:

2: iIm.Com

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This website is specially designed to motivate the student community of Pakistan by improving their skills through different types of career counseling guidance program. This website will notify you about job vacancies and scholarship programs available in foreign universities for Pakistani students. This website plays a vital role in the future of Pakistan by providing effective and realistic data to the users and helping to achieve their goals.

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Official Website:

3: Hamariweb.Com

One of the biggest name in websites of Pakistan which provides you each and every information related to education, G.K, Finance, Current Affairs, News and religious affairs in Pakistan. This website will also provide you the live streaming of different channels for sports, food, and religious affairs. This website also gives details about new mobile prices in Pakistan so it’s not only restricted to the education sector so you must visit this website to get familiar with the current happenings of the country.

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Official Website:

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It is one of the precious websites for the students to test their ability in different subjects by giving online MCQs test in different subjects like general knowledge, current affairs, Pakistan study, Islamic studies, and science-related questions. After each section, you will find your score. It’s very beneficial for the students to get trained for different tests.

Pak Mcqs Logo
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Official Website:

5: EduVision.Com

One of the best websites educational website working in Pakistan. This website is controlled by one of the most Famous person Mr.Yousaf Almas a prominent name due to his efforts towards the betterment of youth in Pakistan. This website will provide you the suitable updates about admissions in different colleges and universities of Pakistan and also foreign and it will also notify you about different career seminars.
This website not only provides information but also tells you the scope of study in different regions of the world.

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Official Website:

6: Kitaab.Com.Pk

[adsforwp id=”3715″] is also famous because of its servings to the community in Pakistan. This website provides you the information about news, admissions, finance, banking, and all other relevant fields. It will notify users about job recruitment in different disciplines in Pakistan. If someone wants to study abroad he or she must visit this website regularly to reach their destination.

Kitab logo

Official Website:

7: Gotest.Pk

One of the pioneer educational website in Pakistan providing lots of information related to the education sector. It will provide you every detail about the jobs recruitment and news feeds. All test results of different jobs such as NTS result and other test results you will find on this website. You will find online Quiz related to junior and senior level courses, and also this website provides you the online earning opportunity. This website has huge user interaction due to its specialties and because of its good user-friendly interface.

gotest Logo

Official Website:

8: Sabaq.Pk

This website is most advanced website in Pakistan for educational purpose because it provides video presentations and lectures on the most advanced subjects of this era like (physics, maths, chemistry, biology, zoology, MCAT Physics, ECAT Physics, MCAT Chemistry, ECAT Chemistry, MCAT Biology, ECAT Biology and many more. You will find online experts and professionals on this website who will guide you to your destination.

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Official Website:

9: NTS.Org.Pk

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NTS stands for a National Testing Service. NTS website is operated by NTS community it’s a testing service provider to different organizations on their demand to take tests for admissions in universities and for jobs. NTS allows online registration and online slips. After taking the test NTS display the results within a short span of time on this website. The selected candidates’ name list is displayed on the website and are called for interviews. Its very helpful educational website in Pakistan.


Official Website:

10: Interface.Edu.Pk

This website’s slogan is “your education partner” and indeed this website is your education partner. This website is working for many years. Their main objective is to promote teaching and attract others to this occupation. This also provides details about jobs, admissions and abroad study programs. you should visit this website to get familiar with the latest jobs and other education-related opportunities.

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Official Website:

11: StudyandExam.Com

This is one of the best platforms for the students to be aware of upcoming job details in different sectors of Pakistan. It provides online training as well on different skills. Many courses are available on this website for students to gain knowledge.

studyandexam logo

Official Website:

12: LearningAll.Com

This platform provides material about different disciplines i.e news, test paper-related material, scholarships, study, business, admissions, results, jobs, merit lists, technology and online video lectures for students.

Learningall Logo

Official Website:

13: StudySols.Com.Pk

StudySols is well known for providing notifications about news, results, announcements. It provides the user guidance about test preparation of any types. It gives you the tips to apply for abroad study and suitable universities which offer scholarships to the students of Pakistan. Thus, the website will guide you about any type of tests like IELTS TOFFEL and other education courses. If you want to prepare for these type tests then you should visit this website once!


Official Website:


Here is another platform for students and shaping their future by providing results, courses offered in various institutions, job alerts, educational news, admission information study abroad solution with detailed information on how and when to apply, test preparation and educational material etc.
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Official Website: www.Learners.Pk


This website was specially designed for the quality information regarding all the top level organizations whether educational, health, welfare sectors for admissions and job selections. It will guide you to your desired country study program. A lot of courses from different universities are available on this website. This website provides you access to the main colleges and universities in Pakistan through advertisement. You will find educational consultants on this website. You are totally out of risk while using this website it will never betray users regarding fake information.

StudPlan.pk_ Logo

Official Website:

Best Educational Websites in Pakistan:

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  1. IlimkiDunya.Com
  2. iIm.Com
  3. Hamariweb.Com
  5. EduVision.Com
  6. Kitaab.Com.Pk
  7. Gotest.Pk
  8. Sabaq.Pk
  9. NTS.Org.Pk
  10. Interface.Edu.Pk
  11. StudyandExam.Com
  12. LearningAll.Com
  13. StudySols.Com.Pk

These are the best educational website in Pakistan that will help you to get prepare for your desired job, skill, and education. If you have any query of suggestion feel free to write it in the comment section below.

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