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Editorial: Pulling air marshals flies in face of reason

People flying to visit family and friends this Thanksgiving already have a lot to think about: will the flight be canceled, how long is the TSA check line, will the turkey be OK in the overhead compartment?

They can add “why did the Department of Homeland Security pull air marshals off flights during the busiest time to travel?”

The Air Marshal National Council as well as the National Association of Police Organizations sent letters of concern to President Biden and various Congressional committees on Nov. 8, according to a statement via EINPresswire. The letters took to task a DHS policy that is pulling air marshals off of high risk flights and deploying them to the southwest border where they are performing “mainly non-law enforcement duties.”

As the Washington Examiner reported, federal law enforcement at the  border made more than a quarter of a million encounters with illegal immigrants in October, a new all-time record.  The DHS has called in volunteers from across the federal government, then started taking federal air marshals off commercial flights to help process immigrants in custody.

The letter written by AMNC President David Londo and Executive Director Sonya Hightower-LaBosco notes; “History appears to be repeating itself and no one is paying attention. Currently, at the order of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Mayorkas, hundreds of Federal Air Marshals (FAMs) are being forced to deploy to the southern border to assist the Border Patrol in mainly non-law enforcement duties. The DHS Secretary is taking hundreds of FAMs out of the skies during the busiest travel season and during a time when terrorists have attempted to attack the homeland not so long ago. On December 22, 2001 Richard Reid attempted to blow up and kill hundreds of Americans aboard American Airlines flight 63, by igniting his shoes laced with explosives. On December 25, 2009 Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded Northwest Airlines flight 253. Upon final approach to Detroit International Airport, Mr. Abdulmutallab attempted to ignite explosives that were concealed in his underwear.”

This move flies in the face of common sense, especially as leaders of President Biden’s top national security agencies testified recently that the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan after U.S. troop withdrawal last August poses a possible national security threat to the U.S., as Fox News reported last week.

The AMNC accuses Mayorkas.of going beyond his authority and that the power to deploy the air marshals to the border rests with Congress.

Circumventing Congress, however, is a hallmark of the Biden Administation.

“Most startling is the fact that Mayorkas himself has recently said that our country’s infrastructure and aviation remains a high threat,” the AMNC noted.

Aviation is a high threat, and you pull air marshals off flights.

Clearly, the biggest holiday turkeys are on Capitol Hill.

We hope and pray for a safe Thanksgiving.



Editorial: Pulling air marshals flies in face of reason

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