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Physics MCQs

ECAT Physics MCQs

1. Sound waves do not travel in vacuum because?

A. they are transverse waves
B. they are stationary waves
C. they require material medium for propagation
D. they do not have enough energy

2. Increase in velocity of sound in the air for 1°C rise in temperature is?

A. 1.61 ms-1
B. 61.0 ms-1
C. 0.61 ms-1
D. 2.00 ms-1

3. On loading the prong of a tuning form with wax its frequency?

A. increases
B. decreases
C. remains unchanged
D. may increase or decrease

4. The normal ear is the most sensitive in the frequency range?

A. 20000 to 30000 hertz
B. 10 to 20 hertz
C. 2000 to 4000 hertz
D. 6000 to 8000 hertz

5. The velocity of sound in air would become double than its velocity at 0°C at temperature?

A. 313°C
B. 586°C
C. 819°C
D. 1172°C

6. The periodic alternation of sound between maximum and minimum loudness are called?

A. silence zone
B. interference
C. beats
D. resonance

7. Beats are the results of?

A. diffraction of sound waves
B. constructive and destructive interference
C. polarization
D. destructive interference

8. Doppler effect applies to?

A. sound wave only
B. light wave only
C. both sound and light waves
D. neither sound nor light wave

9. A simple pendulum has a bob of mass m and its frequency is f. If we replaced the bob with a heavier one say of 2m then that will be its new frequency?

A. 1/4f
B. 1/2f
C. frequency lower than 20 Hz
D. 2f

10. In open organ pipe?

A. only even harmonics are present
B. only odd harmonics are present
C. both even and odd harmonics are present
D. selected harmonics are present


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NTS Electrical Engineering MCQs

11. The dimension of elastic modulus is?

A. ML-1T-2
B. ML-2T-2
C. MLT-2
D. ML2T-2

12. Waves produced at the surface of water by a pencil executing vibrating motion if held vertically at a frequency of 50Hz are?

A. Longitudinal
B. Transverse
C. Periodic
D. both A and C

13. Laplace found that the alternate compressions and rarefactions produced in sound waves follows?

A. isothermal law
B. adiabatic law
C. isochoric law
D. all of the above

14. The beats frequency (sensible) for a human car is ?

A. 42Hz
B. 7 Hz
C. 256Hz
D. 262Hz

15. The fundamental frequency of stationary waves in open pipe is times the frequency in closed pipe?

A. One
B. Two
C. Four time
D. None of these

16. The current through a metallic conductor is due to the motion of ?

A. free electrons
B. protons
C. neutrons
D. still under controversy

17. A wire having very high value of conductance is said to be?

A. very good conductor
B. moderately good conductor
C. an insulator
D. no specific criterion available

18. Production of heat due to an electric current flowing through a conductor is given by?

A. Joule effect
B. Joule Thomsons effect
C. Comptons effect
D. Feedback effect

19. Three equal resistors connected in series with a source of e m f together dissipate 10 W of power each. What will be the power dissipated if the same resistors are connected in parallel across the same source of e m f?

A. 40 W
B. 90W
C. 100W
D. 120W

20. Thermocouples convert?

A. heat energy into electrical energy
B. heat energy into light energy
C. heat energy into mechanical energy
D. mechanical energy into heat energy

21. An immersion heater of 400 watts kept on for 5 hours will consume electrical power of?

A. 2KWh
B. 20KWh
C. 6KWh
D. 12KWh

22. Resistance of an ideal insulator is?

A. infinite
B. zero
C. finite
D. depends upon nature

23. Reciprocal of resistivity is called?

A. resistance
B. inductance
C. conductivity
D. flexibility

24. Circuit which gives continuously varying potential is called?

A. complex network
B. wheat stone bridge
C. potential divider
D. all of above

25. There are three bulbs of 60W 100W and 200W which bulb has thickest filament?

A. 100W
B. 200W
C. 60W
D. all

26. Specific resistance of a wire?

A. will depend on its length
B. will depend on its radius
C. will depend on the type of material of the wire
D. will depend on none of the above

27. In the following figure, the terminal potential is?

A. zero
B. 2V
C. 12V
D. 36V

28. Which one of the following materials is useful for making bulb filaments?

A. constantan
B. nichrome
C. copper
D. tungsten

29. If 1 ampere current flows through 2m long conductor the charge flow through it in 1 hour will be?

A. 3600C
B. 7200C
C. 1C
D. 2C

30. Why should a resistance be introduced in a circuit in series deliberately?

A. to increase current
B. to decrease current
C. to control current
D. just to give a good look to circuit

31. All electrical appliances are connected in parallel to each other between the main line and neutral wire to get?

A. same current
B. same current and potential difference
C. different current but same potential difference
D. different current and potential differences

32. Resistance of a conductor depends upon?

A. nature of conductor
B. dimension of conductor
C. physical state of the conductor
D. all of above

33. A wire of uniform area of cross-section A length L and resistance R is cut into two parts. Resistivity of each part?

A. remains the same
B. is doubled
C. is halved
D. becomes zero

34. When same current passes for same time through a thick and thin wire?

A. more heat is produced in thick wire
B. more heat is produced in thin wire
C. no heat is produced in wire
D. less heat is produced in thick wire

35. One kilowatt hour is the amount of energy delivered during?

A. one second
B. one day
C. one minute
D. one hour

36. How much heat does a 40 W bulb generates in one hour?

A. 144000J
B. 144J
C. 1.44J
D. 14J

37. Resistance of a super conductor is?

A. finite
B. infinite
C. zero
D. changes with every conductor

38. Which one is the best material for making connecting wires?

A. iron
B. tungsten
C. silver
D. copper

39. Internal resistance is the resistance offered by?

A. source of EMF
B. conductor
C. resistor
D. capacitor

40. Three bulbs are rating 40W 60W and 100W designed to work on 220V mains. Which bulb will burn most brightly if they are connected in series across 220 V mains?

A. 40 W bulb
B. 60 W blub
C. 100 W blub
D. all will burn equally brightly

41. Resistance of a wire on increasing its temperature will?

A. increase with rise in temperature
B. decrease with rise in temperature
C. will remain same
D. depends upon altitude of experimentation

42. An electric iron is marked 20 volts 500W. The units consumed by it in using if for 24 hours will be?

A. 12
B. 24
C. 5
D. 1100

43. In liquids and gases, the current is due to the motion?

A. negative charges
B. positive charges
C. both negative and positive charges
D. neutral particles

44. The graphical representation of Ohms law is?

A. hyperbola
B. ellipse
C. parabola
D. straight line

45. The resistance of a conductor at absolute zero (OK) is?

A. zero almost
B. infinite almost
C. no prediction at all
D. may increase or decrease

46. Electrical energy is measured in?

A. watt
B. horse power
C. kilo watt
D. kilowatt hour

47. Electrical energy is converted to heat at the rate of?

A. IRt
B. I2R
C. I2Rt
D. VIt

48. A fuse is placed in series with the circuit to protect against?

A. high power
B. high voltage
C. high current
D. over heating

49. Which one of the following bulbs has the least resistance?

A. 100 watt
B. 200 watt
C. 300 watt
D. 60 watt

50. Optical active crystals rotate the?

A. vibrating plane
B. polarization plane
C. diffraction plane
D. interference plane

51. In double slit experiment we observe?

A. interference fringes only
B. diffraction fringes only
C. both interference and diffraction fringes
D. polirized frringes

52. Which one of the following properties of light does not change with the nature of the medium?

A. velocity
B. wavelength
C. amplitude
D. frequency

53. Photoelectric effect was given by?

A. Hertz
B. Fresnel
C. Einstein
D. Plank

54. Longitudinal waves do not exhibit?

A. reflection
B. refraction
C. diffraction
D. polarization

55. A point source of light placed in a homogeneous medium gives rise to?

A. a cylindrical wave front
B. an elliptical wave front
C. a spherical wave front
D. a plane wave front

56. Which one of the following is nearly monochromatic light?

A. light form fluorescent tube
B. light form neon lamp
C. light form sodium lamp
D. light form simple lamp

57. When crest of one wave falls over the trough of the other wave this phenomenon is known as?

A. polarization
B. constructive interference
C. destructive interference
D. diffraction

58. In Young double slit experiment, if white light is used?

A. alternate dark and bright fringes will be seen
B. coloured fringes will be seen
C. no interference fringes will be seen
D. impossible to predict

59. In an interference pattern?

A. bright fringes are wider than dark fringes
B. dark fringes are wider than bright fringe
C. both dark and bright fringes are of equal width
D. central fringes are brighter than the outer fringes

60. The blue colour of the sky is due to?

A. diffraction
B. reflection
C. polarization
D. scattering

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