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Dylan Mulvaney has taken to TikTok again, this time to ask the world why he can’t find a date.

YouTuber and host of BlazeTVs “pseudo-intellectual“Lauren Chen breaks it down, although the answer itself is pretty clear.

What seems obvious to most of us is a mystery to those intent on establishing delusions.

Not long ago when Dylan released his “Day 335” as a girl and flaunted his new face – after facial feminization surgery. He claimed he was “hot” enough to “steal a husband.”

He most recently shared with his audience on Valentine’s Day that he still hasn’t been kissed as a “girl” — which he continues to call himself, despite the obvious creepiness of the idea of ​​a grown man calling himself a girl child.

Chen says, “I think it’s not that easy to get your own man, let alone steal someone else’s.”

After watching his Valentine’s video, she adds, “In this particular video, I think there’s a pretty obvious five o’clock shadow. Which just goes to show that you can’t operate on femininity.”

She goes on to explain that it’s ridiculous how blind so many are to a man getting attention for doing the bare minimum, as a “woman,” which is just being a woman — and he doesn’t even really do that.

“He got viral fame, brand deals from brands like Tampax or some tampon thing, he met Joe Biden, he went to the Met Gala I think and the Grammys. He’s basically ‘Woman of the Year’ if you ask the left.”

She continues, “If you’re a biological female, there’s absolutely no way he would have gotten the fame, the money, and the prestige, the adoration that he has. I mean, basically, he’s just acting like a cliché of the worst versions of women out there.”

Although Dylan has received quite a bit of attention for his path to “being a girl,” he still can’t find a date.

Chen attributes this to “all the people who might be telling him that he’s so great looking and that he’s a woman just like everyone else, maybe that doesn’t translate to real life and specifically the dating pool.”

Yes, expecting everyone else to be as deluded as you are is a big challenge.

She adds that if she were Dylan’s family member or friend, she would have told him what The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh would have said about Mulvaney, which left him open to widespread criticism.

She says she’d say, “This is going to be weird, okay. You won’t be quite a woman. It will never be you. And the idea that you know there is a man who will look at you the same way a biological woman would look at you, that’s never going to happen.

Maybe it’s time, she jokes, for the left to throw their money into Dylan’s direct messages.

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Dylan Mulvaney Dating – TheBlaze – World Time Todays

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