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According to his attorney, the notorious “duck sauce killer” was found dead in his home in Queens early on Friday morning, and it appears that he took his own life. He was accused of shooting a deliveryman who worked for a restaurant.

Glenn Hirsch, 51, allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself prior to a morning court appearance on Friday while he was out on bail, as stated by law enforcement officials who spoke to The Post about the incident.

In a note that was rambling and mostly incomprehensible, he left behind, he claimed his innocence and denied being responsible for the killing of Zhiewn Yan on April 30. He said that he did not do it. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

Duck Sauce Killer Glenn Hirsch Death Cause

According to a police official, investigators were dispatched to the residence of Glenn Hirsch after the suspect failed to appear in court on Friday. When they arrived, they found Hirsch dead inside the house. According to the official, an autopsy will be performed to determine what caused Hirsch’s death.

The new attorney for Hirsch, Arthur Aidala, claims that the alleged killer shot himself. Aidala stated that he and his client had missed each other’s calls the previous day, despite the fact that he had spoken with Hirsch two days earlier.

Due to the fact that Hirsch did not show up to court on Friday, the judge ordered the local sheriff’s office to make a welfare check on him at his apartment on 141st Street in Jamaica. Since June, he has been on the run, and he is wearing an ankle tag that allows his whereabouts to be tracked.

After the murder of 45-year-old Zhiwen Yan in Forest Hills on April 30, the suspect was initially ordered to be held without bail.

On the other hand, on June 8 the bail requirements were modified by Judge Kenneth Holder of the Queens Criminal Court, who set the bond amount at $500,000 dollars. After making the sizable payment, Hirsch was terminated from his position and given strict instructions to remain at home.

According to the various reports, Glenn Hirsch has taken his own life. According to Jennifer Wu, the family’s pro bono lawyer, who spoke to The Post about the situation, the family of Yan is in “horror” over his decision to take his own life.

A dispute that has been going on between the Queens resident and Yan, who worked as a delivery man at the establishment in question, began when the Queens resident asserted that Yan had shorted him on duck sauce for an order that he had placed the previous year.

According to the proprietor of the restaurant, Hirsch is responsible for destroying the owner’s car and showed up at the establishment armed in January. The proprietor also stated that Hirsch had harassed him and his employees on multiple occasions. His question, “Do you remember me?” is still fresh in the minds of the wait staff at the restaurant.

The man’s refrigerator, which was also “packed with duck sauce,” was among the items that investigators found when they searched his home in June, according to a senior police source who spoke with The Post.

The surveillance video, which the police say shows Yan driving around Great Wall in his vehicle hours before he was fatally shot before following the delivery man to his subsequent food delivery, is said to support the claims made by the police. Yan had been injured in the chest and was discovered bleeding in the street.

What Happened To Glenn Hirsch?

After following the delivery driver and other employees of the Great Wall Restaurant for weeks over Yan’s demand for additional duck sauce during a previous visit to the establishment, Hirsch, 51, was apprehended on June 2 on suspicion of killing Yan. Hirsch was taken into custody on the suspicion that he had killed Yan.

The district attorney for Queens referred to the peculiar piece of beef as a “obsessive bone of conflict.”

On the evening of the murder, Hirsch allegedly made numerous trips around the area surrounding the restaurant, as reported by the police. It is alleged that he followed Yan as he rode off on a scooter to make a delivery and then shot him to death in the street.

Duck Sauce Killer Glenn Hirsch Has Been Found Dead In Her Queens, Apartment

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