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“Mask mandates should be reinstated whenever there is a surge. Think of it like an umbrella: If it’s raining, we use it; if not, we don’t. Don’t blame the meteorologist.” — David Lewis, San Francisco

“I have been extremely frustrated with the general population of Stanislaus County, where I live, from the beginning of the Covid crisis. There is so much resistance to wearing a simple mask; it makes me very sad. I have a disability, and a good number of my friends and loved ones do, too. I have had people yell at me that I am taking away THEIR right of choice when I ask them to mask up around me, but they don’t seem to understand or care that by being so one-sided in their thought process, they could be taking away my right to life. Where has the pride in doing something for the common good gone?” — Robin Dickinson, Hughson

“I am about to become a grandmother. I am in favor of the mask mandate because it means that I will be able to spend time with my grandchild with far less apprehension about infecting him with the virus before he is old enough to get the vaccine.

I’ve learned to smile with my eyes. And, until this surge slows, that’s what I will continue to do, with or without the mandate. Honestly, it’s such a small ask.” — Sonya Sones, Santa Monica

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Do Californians Want Mask Mandates to Come Back?

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