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Fans are discussing the possibilities for James Gunn’s Superman movie, with many thinking the DC head will make the man of steel the focal point of the DCU the same way Iron Man was in the MCU.

Whilst details are scant on the possible storyline for Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. We do know that it will be the film to kickstart the whole cinematic universe. Fans have been speculating about the place Superman will have within the greater DCU, and it’s likely he’ll be the glue that ties the rest of the characters and stories together. This would make a lot of sense considering, this will be the first proper DCU movie. 

Superman is also the biggest, arguably most well known hero from DC’s roster, rivaled only by Batman in that aspect. To top it all off, he is the leader of the Justice League. To put him at the center of the first chapter would be a wise choice. It worked for Iron man and we already know that is Gunn’s favorite MCU movie.

The original post also predicted that Superman would likely get an “epic” arc that could end with the character sacrificing himself in a heroic fashion. We’ve seen something similar in Endgame. It could be possible that the studio may choose to end his story with an adaptation of the All Star Superman comic books (Which they should as it’s a great story). 

Marvel struck gold with the first Iron Man movie and Robert Downey Jr’s character was one of the most memorable from the first three phases of the MCU. To imitate that formula (if done right) would definitely be a wise move for DC Studios.

Superman: Legacy is set for release on July 11, 2025.

DC fans ponder if James Gunn will give Superman the Iron Man treatment

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