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Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ kids weren’t the only ones to experience major physical changes in the hit Netflix series.

Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, and the other teenage protagonists all went through puberty in front of audiences, but David Harbor caught everyone’s eye when he appeared noticeably slimmer in Season 4.

On Thursday, Harbour, who portrays beloved Hawkins sheriff Jim Hopper, announced he’s lost about 80 pounds — from 270 pounds to 190 pounds — to match Hopper’s latest physique.

“My trainer @davidhigginslondon worked with me for 8 months to make the transformation and then another year to sustain her through the pandemic,” the Hellboy star wrote in an Instagram post. “All in all, it has been a difficult and exciting ride with altered diet and exercise plans (or lack thereof).”

In the final season of the sci-fi hit, Harbour’s character dropped his beloved “father body” when he became a prisoner of the Russians and worked in a labor camp.

In his Instagram post, Harbor shared three photos from his weight loss journey. The first was a photo collage of two completely different hoppers before and after the labor camp, the second was a picture of Harbor training with his trainer, and the last was a snapshot of Harbor literally showing the fruits of his labor.

He added that Stranger Things isn’t the only Hollywood project set to benefit from his physical transformation. He gained weight again to portray Santa Claus for another title.

However, Harbor admitted the fluctuations in weight might not have been sustainable for him.

“All this ebb and flow isn’t good for the body and I’m going to have to give it up soon,” he added, “but it’s so much fun living in a different version of your skin for a day during.” David Harbour reveals drastic ‘Stranger Things’ weight loss

David Harbour reveals drastic ‘Stranger Things’ weight loss – USTimesPost

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