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State media indicated the actions could mark a new pattern of more regular and aggressive incursions. The Global Times, a state-run tabloid, said in an editorial on Friday that work to promote unification had “entered a new stage”. On Chinese state television on Saturday, Meng Xiangqing, a professor at the National Defense University, said the military’s actions may normalize.

“Until the forces of Taiwan independence stop for one day, until foreign interference stops for one day, then our actions to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity will not stop,” he said.

China also said on Friday it would cancel or suspend talks with the United States on areas including climate change and military coordination, which some analysts say increases the chances of a misunderstanding escalating into a full-blown crisis.

The United States, Taiwan and other governments have accused China of overreacting.

But in some ways, the apparent shift in public opinion may have more to do with successful Chinese propaganda than the actual intensity of the drills, said Chong Jae Yan, an associate professor of political science at the National University of Singapore who studies nationalism and Chinese foreign policy.

Although the current drills were on a larger scale and closer to Taiwan than usual, the Chinese military has been stepping up incursions into territory claimed by Taiwan for years, he said. And China could have gone further, such as by starting the exercises while Ms. Pelosi was still in Taiwan, or by causing more disruption to U.S. and Japanese military activity in the region, he added.

“So if there is a view that the PRC’s actions have been strong enough, it will be due in no small part to the internal communications of the PRC’s state-controlled media,” Professor Chong said, using the acronym for the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese Military Drills Aim to Awe, Both Abroad and at Home – Digital Tech Blog

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