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Chiara Ferragni, influencer, entrepreneur and mother of Vittoria and Leone, has been sharply criticized by some Instagram users for her photos in lingerie: in their opinion, a woman and a mother should not show themselves to the world like this. Ferragni answers them: “Consecrated”.

The digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni She is also known to the public for the impact her influence has on herself follower, both because of its very high and demanding number of followers. Precisely for these two reasons, each of his gestures and every word is analyzed under a magnifying glass, sometimes rightly so (we all remember the ancient one climate problem while her bitterly ignored by the businesswoman Aperitif at high altitude), others with more malice What a sense of justice, as was the case with him Visit the museum with the family. In the last few hours, some photos on his profile have been rated Instagramin which the adopted Milanese influencer shows himself in underwear. Why is it still a cause for controversy?

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Chiara Ferragni and the “scandalous” photos in underwear

Clare Ferragni has branded its image and the media exposure it has chosen to work with undoubtedly makes it more vulnerable criticism violent, but also anachronistic. His brand personbut also tells among his values ​​the Celebration of your own body and your own sensuality: therefore after posting some Photo in underwear (as so often) Chiara Ferragni was undeterred Comments by some users; nevertheless he did not fail to answer them immediately. And this is not the first time, on the contrary: his attitude is often criticized for this reason in particular “does not fit” to the role of the mother. As if, in order to be a mother, one had to take care of oneself in all other areas of life.

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fan comments

“Look at this Her husband Fedez gets angry, ”writes a follower and stains himself with both anachronism how about sexism in a comment. “What was the need? Seeing you like this just makes me think we girls made a mistake in the 70’s and it makes me so sad,” wrote one follower, underscoring how directly related to the decision to show off in lingerie Commodification of the self as a sexual object; the same principle that we fought against in the 1970s and that we still fight against today, exploitation self-determination. And finally, of course, judgments: “What not to do to show up and get likes”.


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The influencer’s response

While you feel disinterested hater, Clare Ferragni decided to post a short video on the platform tick tock to respond to nasty comments. Not so much to start a debate or discussion with those who have criticized it as to address a few question words Why to show your most sensual part or just your naked body, as a women, is still considered wrong. “But these comments, just because I’m posting a video in my underwear like I’ve always done in my life, you’re out. There is nothing better than feeling good in your own body and if I want to show it, what’s wrong with that? I don’t hurt anyone but you bigoted minds“.

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Chiara Ferragni Responds To Those Who Criticize Her For Photos In Her Underwear – S Chronicles

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