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BARGAIN hunters were left in hysterics after seeing a bizarre addition to a charity shop bundle sale.

Enthusiastic shoppers were blown away after Australian Kyle, from Adelaide, shared a picture of a drum kit at his local thrift store.

Users were left in hysterics by the drum kit blunderCredit: Facebook/I Love To Op Shop

While most of it was fine, he was quick to point out that the instrument came with two knowing needles instead of drum sticks.

Kyle took to the Facebook group I Love To Op Shop and joked, “Dear savers, those aren’t drumsticks,”

He attached a photo of the three drums and pedal together – with the two standard length needles attached.

Users in the comments found the confusion hilarious, as many joked that it was a great deal and a fun way to get your hands on some free knitting gear.

I'm a undertaker and I was shocked by the death of a manhole - there was a horror twist

“Two different art forms in one package = bonus!” wrote one as a second joked, “Maybe the drummer has a few hobbies along the way.”

A third wrote: “That’s so funny, how can anyone think they’re drumsticks.”

A fourth added: ‘Finally my two hobbies can be combined, knit one, tie two.’

While a fifth concluded, “Yep, it’s a ‘stitch up’!”

It comes after a charity store employee revealed some of the weirdest things donated to the stores they work in.

Ash, who works in a London store, was shocked when she opened a bag attached to the…

Shockingly, she said she also got nothing but a TOOTH from one person when she revealed her shock response.

“Someone gave me his tooth on a stick. How do you think I’ll try to sell it then?’ said Ash.

Add: “I touched someone’s tooth. There’s a bloody plague on it. I’m not getting paid enough for this.”

Elsewhere, a woman has revealed how she makes money finding items in a charity shop.

She often posts videos of her bargain hunting to resell them online, though she also keeps some items to decorate her apartment with.

Charity Shop Offers Drum Kit With Bizarre Addition – Can YOU See The Fault? – UK Time News

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