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Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) remained in Carinthia on Tuesday. After visits to Klagenfurt and Villach, he participated in a panel discussion in St. Veit at night and answered questions from the audience.

CARINTHIA. On Tuesday afternoon, Chancellor Karl Nehammer met with journalists at the Hotel Sandwirth in Klagenfurt. The head of the Austrian federal government then went to visit Infineon in Villach before taking part in a panel discussion organized by the ÖVP in the St. Veit as the highlight of your trip to Carinthia.

“Do not be discouraged”

Nehammer sat onstage in the nearly full hall alongside state councilor Martin Gruber, club president Markus Malle and economist Christoph Schneider. Nehammer then discussed: “We came out of the great pandemic crisis stronger than many expected.” And: “When the war in Ukraine started, it was said that we would not have gas for this winter. We managed to feed more than anyone has given us credit for. We are now over 90 percent in storage, the target was 80 percent.” It got a little philosophical when he said, “We must not be discouraged. Everything in life – including economic development – has a waveform. You shouldn’t let yourself get carried away in the descent phase, because then we don’t have the strength to do well in the ascent phase.” Anyway, Nehammer is “a little more confident” than the current situation is reported in the media. 🇧🇷 “I’m not going to change the climate in the media. We live in a situation where social media drives mainstream media.” There was applause as Nehammer noted that Russia’s dependence on gas had been reduced from 80 percent to 21 percent.

“Don’t inject too much money”

The federal government really cannot be blamed for underfunding in the context of Corona. Quite the contrary, namely “excessive funding”, as determined by the Court of Auditors at the end of October. Thus, Nehammer said that, as part of the anti-inflation measures, an attempt was made to “give enough money so that the people can face the crisis”. Referring to economist Schneider, the chancellor added that one should not “inject too much money into the system, otherwise inflation will skyrocket”.

“Failed decision to vaccinate”

During a subsequent round of questions, one viewer commented, “There’s a huge gap between the fine words and the reality we’ve had over the past two years.” the corona crisis?” Nehammer: “It would be utterly presumptuous to believe that we’ve done everything right. But we acted to the best of our knowledge and belief from the beginning.” “Nobody made it easy for themselves when it came to making decisions.” Nehammer still in the direction of the questioner: “I am the first to admit that it was a mistake to decide on compulsory vaccination.” It was seen “that compulsory vaccination divides people more than it protects them. That’s why it was right to take them back.”

Schengen: “We need to have a different approach”

When asked by a listener what Austria’s official position on the Schengen area would be (the EU Commission wants to include Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia in the Schengen area, Austria has announced a veto, note) Nehammer said, among other things: “We have in Austria is currently in the situation where we have hundreds of thousands of seizures. Of these hundreds of thousands, 75,000 are not registered. Most arrive in Austria via Serbia and Hungary, another part arrives in Austria via Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. I am not against the targeted migration, but it should still be allowed, possible and honest to decide who comes to you.” As Federal Chancellor, Nehammer hopes “answers to the question: How can it be that 75,000 people cross states and not be registered?” According to Nehammer, Croatia “makes an important contribution to the protection of the external borders. As there are few crises, it has to proceed in a differentiated way. ” Nehammer is in Zagreb for talks on Wednesday.

Chancellor In Carinthia: “I Am Not Against Targeted Migration” – S Chronicles

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