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Russia is forced to reduce its strategic goals during military operations in Ukraine.

Due to serious losses in manpower and equipment, Russia will not be able to realize its military ambitions in Ukraine.

About this it is said in an analytical post by the Canadian Armed Forces on Twitter.

The Canadian military has concluded that Russia is forced to scale back its strategic objectives and is now presenting a new public justification for the partial territorial control it has achieved.

“Due to significant losses of personnel and equipment, Russia probably no longer has the military potential to realize its ambitions in Ukraine,” the report says.

Canadian military analysts point out that the statement of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergey Lavrov, about expanding the goals beyond the “liberation” of Donbas in eastern Ukraine in response to Western military aid to Ukraine, does not correspond to reality.

“Russia has always had maximalist geographical ambitions in Ukraine. Moscow’s failed attempts to capture Kyiv and the northeastern cities of Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv at the beginning of the invasion demonstrate these significant territorial ambitions far beyond the borders of Donbas,” the Canadian Armed Forces emphasized.

The experts also recalled that Russian troops occupied part of southern Ukraine back in February – long before the provision of large-scale Western aid to Ukraine, which Moscow uses as an excuse to expand its military goals.

We will remind you that Russian President Vladimir Putin is unlikely to start a nuclear war, the chances of such a development are very small. However, the dictator can use chemical weapons against Ukraine.

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Canada assessed the Russian army’s ability to achieve its goals in Ukraine

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