Best Schools in Philadelphia

Are you finding the best schools in Philadelphia?

Do you live in the Philadelphia area? Are you worried about your children’s future? Well, no worries at all. Check our article to know about the best schools in Philadelphia!

What is the importance of education nowadays in one’s life?

Education is the basic necessity of today’s growing world and it is the birthright of every child. It is very important for the children to be provided with good quality education so in their practical life, they will be able to face any difficulties in the world with strength and confidence.

Children are the future of the upcoming times for any country. Their future is mostly dependent upon their education. When they get an education, they grow to be a more responsible and respectable person.

As the importance of education is increasing day by day, parents feel so much stress and are too dedicated to their children’s studies. They search for the best schools, not only to provide them with good quality education but also give them confidence to polish in every field.

So in the Philadelphia area, there is a tough competition among the schools as everyone is trying to be the best of all. So, I am here to help you in finding the best one for your kid among the best schools in Philadelphia.

Top best schools in Philadelphia:

Scroll down to find the best school for your kid.

1: Germantown Friends School:

At Germantown Friends School, they find the hidden talents of the children. We make each kid talk to their mind, and feel them what actually they want to do. Their goal is to look for the truth, challenge the keenness, and nurture every student’s brain, body, and soul. Children in this school surely get a friendly and disciplined environment.

They focus on every kid’s studies and men5al interests and polish them in their desired field by arranging programs and sports. They develop children in both studies and extra co-curricular activities.

The whole staff is so loving and caring as the teachers are highly concentrated about their future. In academics, athletics, arts, debates, human relations. They provide children with the excellence of every field and ring out their hidden talents.  So they not only provide good-quality education but also take care of children’s physical fitness.

Germantown friends schools

General Information:

2: The Baldwin School:

If you are looking for the best elementary schools in Philadelphia school district, The Baldwin School can be a great choice for your kid. It is the best schools for girls you will find as they grow skilled, brilliant, and strong girls from Pre-level to 12-Grade level. They accomplish girls with vision, global understanding and determination to pay their contribution in worldly activities.

They provide well-quality education along with the best facilities of extra co-curricular activities by arranging big programs and sports to make every child mentally and physically fit. They also prefer organizing creative arts programs and competitions.

Their goal is to provide academic excellence and to make the children self-discipline. All teachers and staff of this school struggle hard as they are too concentrated on making their students’ future bright and successful!

The Baldwin School

General information:

  • Address: 701 Montgomery Ave Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
  • Contact: +1 610-525- 2700
  • Website:

3: The Episcopal Academy:

The Episcopal Academy is an incredible school with highly talented and dedicated teachers and staff. The whole community is so supportive and friendly that it provides students with many opportunities for their growth of mind, body, and soul!

Besides offering the best quality education, they not also focus on the character-building of the students but also in finding the interests and talents of children. Teachers who are hired are well-educated and are well-mannered that give first priority to their students’ studies.

They also make the students well aware of sports activities by arranging competitions and other co-curricular activities to make the children physically healthy.

The Episcopal Academy

General information:

4: Westtown School:

Westtown School is also one of the best schools in Philadelphia as it provides education from Pre-K to 12th-grade co-education.  It offers a challenging curriculum that emphasizes children to think bigger and critical. They inspire and prepare students to become a bright future in the world.

It is a great school, with great teachers and a beautiful campus. Westtown School has set up a great foundation for lifelong learning to provide personal and spiritual growth.

This school has a great foundation for learning. It develops a love for learning in children. All the teachers in the school are professional and well-mannered. They teach the students the value of self-discipline. They also create awareness among the students about the need for education in this modern world.

Westtown School

General information:

  • Address: 975 Westtown Rd West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Contact: +1 610-399-0123
  • Website:

5: The Hill School:

The Hill School is a co-education preparatory boarding school. This school is like a close learning community in which students treat each other just like a family. Here, teachers love and care for their students and create a strong bond with students.

This school’s academic excellence is based on innovative teaching, a highly qualified and delicate faculty. They provide such a strong pillar to the students in a supportive atmosphere where they teach students about self-discipline build self-confidence, focuses on students’ studies and make a strong foundation for future achievement.

They nurture the principles of honesty, respect, and gratitude. They focus on students’ educational and recreational abilities and make them strong and perfect for their upcoming life!

The Hill School

General information:

  • Address: 860 Beech Street Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  • Contact: +610-326-1000
  • Website:

6: Julia R. Masterman School:

It is a middle and secondary school which is located in Philadelphia. It is ranked as one of the topmost schools and is considered as the best college-preparatory school. Students who are getting admission in this school from all areas of Philadelphia are based on academic excellence. All the staff and teachers are hired on the basis of their professional expertise.

Their main goal is to achieve excellence in teaching-learning. They always consider education like it is one of the most important parts of life and also gives value to some extra co-curricular activities.

They have skilled and professional teachers who are so dedicated and focused on their students’ bright future and making efforts to make them shining stars of the nation. So you can consider it among the best elementary schools in Philadelphia school district.

Julia R. Masterman School

General information:

  • Address: 1699 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Contact: +1 215-299-4661

7: Conestoga High School:

Conestoga High School is ranked as 36th top most schools of the nation and one of the top best schools in the Philadelphia area. Conestoga High school has eight academic departments includes English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Business or Technology, World languages, Wellness/Fitness, Science, arts and Consumer science.

Their main goal is to create among students a passion for learning, self-discipline, personal integrity, and social responsibility. They not only focus on children’s education but also give importance to other sports and activities to make children perfect in all walks of life.  So, if you are going to select this school for your kids, it is surely a much better choice among the best schools in Philadelphia.

Conestoga High School

General information:

  • Address 200 Irish Road, Berwyn, PA 19312
  • Contact: 610-240-1000

8: Charter School of Wilmington:

The Charter School of Wilmington is one of the first private or public character schools in the UN that is established in 1996. It is one of the best schools in Philadelphia that you should consider for your children.

They are some courses they offer that are in fact not seen in American schools. Some of them are software engineering, digital electronics design, forensics, engineering robotics, data structure, philosophy, research in human as well as in computer interaction, advertising, marketing, modern physics, optics, etc.

They arrange competitions and tournaments of various sports to make the students physically strong and fit. They give them awards to appreciate and provide great services for security. It is highly recommended by people.

Charter School of Wilmington


General information:

9: George School:

George School is a private boarding and high school which is located near Newtown, Bucks Country. It was established in 1893. It has excellence in academic, athletic and co-curricular activities. Besides providing students the usual preparatory courses, they also arrange several programs to get entertained their students.

The teachers that are hired are so friendly and co-operative. They listen to their students and teach them the best o makes them bright stars of the country.

It is such a wonderful educational place for your growing kids and just because of its academic excellence I have included its name in my list of Best schools in Philadelphia. You will really get satisfaction through its high-quality education that they are offering. You will surely get satisfaction if you to admit your children to this school. So choose the best school which gives you satisfaction!

George School

General information:

10: Friends’ Central School:

This Friends’ Central School was founded in 1845 in the Philadelphia area and it is near the location of United States Mint. This school has an enrollment of more than 800 students and provides education from Nursery to 12th grade.

This school is especially known for its high-quality education as it is considered as of the best public schools in Philadelphia area.

They develop great learning skills in their students and make them self-confident and self-disciplined. In spite of giving the best academic excellence, they make the students of their schools mentally and physically fit by providing them opportunities and chances for playing different sports and win competitions. The whole staff of this school is well-mannered and friendly.

The teachers are so hardworking who make their students totally well-aware of the need for discipline and hard work.

Friends’ Central School

General information:

  • Address: Wynnewood, Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania
  • Contact: +1 610-649-7440

11: Germantown Academy:

The Germantown Academy was founded in 1756 and is originally known as the Union School.  It is a non-sectarian, coeducational preparatory school providing education from Pre K to 12th grade. It has more than 250 years of tradition, history, and best academics.

In this school, they not only focus on student’s education but also provide them chances and opportunities to show their abilities. Here, students are challenged, supported and provided multiple ways to show their hidden talents.

They all provide the children a safe, disciplined, supportive, caring and hardworking atmosphere. Each student in this school has a much positive relationship with their teachers, other students, and staff as they also offer an eco-friendly environment which makes students confident and not to feel shy about asking anything.

Germantown Academy

General information:

  • Address: 340 Morris RD, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.
  • Contact: +1 215-646-3300

12: The Haverford School:

The Haverford School is one of the best schools in Philadelphia which is private, non-sectarian, boys preparatory school. This school offers education from junior level to twelfth grade. It was founded in 1884 and is located in Haverford, Pennsylvania which is about nine miles northwest of Philadelphia.

This school only provides education to boys and teachers who are hired are highly qualified and experienced providing boys grow in all fields of life. It offers boys to show their talents in academics, arts, athletics, and other co-curricular activities.

They care about your son’s future and work hard with dedication to make boys mentally and physically strong to face upcoming hardships.

The Haverford School

General information:

  • Address: 450 Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA 19041
  • Contact: 610-642-3020
  • Website:

13: Radnor Senior High School:

Radnor Senior High School is one of the best public schools in Philadelphia area. It is on 3rd rank as given by U.S. News & World Report. Here all the students have the total opportunity to grab Advanced Placement courses and exams.

Radnor Senior High Schools also offers a wide range of extra co-curricular and athletic activities instead of giving high-quality education. They also arrange team competitions in the Central League.

In spite of providing best-quality education, they also concentrate on making every child a responsible citizen and a great human being. All the teachers work very hard to give their students the best of them.

Radnor Senior High School

General information:

  • Address: Prussia Rd, Radnor, Pennsylvania 19087
  • Contact: +1 610-293-0855

14: William Penn Charter School:

William Penn Charter School

William Penn Charter School is an independent school that was founded in 1689. It is one of the first schools in the UN which offers education to all religions and races. It has become a co-educational school in 1980.

William Penn Charter School integrates the value of arts & athletics into an amazing academic excellence from Nursery to grade twelve. Great and professional teachers, a beautiful campus, high-quality education, program arrangements, extra co-curricular activities, and all the facilities are given in this school, giving your children an atmosphere of peace and success.

I recommend the good instruction that is provided by all teachers, staff, and administrations of the school. The learning environment here is challenging and rewarding.

General information:

  • Address: 3000 W School House Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Contact: +1 215-844-3460

15: Downingtown STEM Academy:

Downingtown STEM Academy

Downingtown STEM Academy is a public, top-rated school located in Downingtown. It has about above 700 students in grades from 9 to 12. The students-teacher ratio is 14 to 1.

The school provides its students immense freedom to show their abilities freely which is uncommonly provided in other schools which allows students to flourish in rigorous studies. All the teachers are experts and professionals, highly dedicated to their student’s future.

If you are truly depressed or concerned about providing your kids with modern skills along with high-quality education then this option is one of the best choices for you!

General information:

  • Address: 335 Manor Ave Downingtown, Pennsylvania 19335
  • Contact: +1 610-269-8460 Ext: 7200

List of best schools in Philadelphia:

  1. Germantown Friends School
  2. The Baldwin School
  3. The Episcopal Academy
  4. Westtown School
  5. The Hill School
  6. Julia R. Masterman School
  7. Conestoga High School
  8. Charter School of Wilmington
  9. George School
  10. Friends’ Central School
  11. Germantown Academy
  12. The Haverford School
  13. Radnor Senior High School
  14. William Penn Charter School
  15. Downingtown STEM Academy


Nowadays, Philadelphia has become more and more important as considered in education as many wonderful and amazing schools have been established here.  As far as considered education, parents are so focused and worried about their children’s future and all parents want to make their kids qualified and responsible citizens of the nation.

As far as the schools in Philadelphia are concerned, parents get really very happy to find a wide range of Best schools in Philadelphia. All these schools not only offer a good education but also working hard to aware students of some moral values. They try to arrange competitions and tournaments as much as possible to find the hidden talents of the students.

I hope that my above-mentioned schools will surely help you to find the best option for your children which absolutely suit your needs. So choose among them and make your children shining stars of the nation!

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