In this article, you will get all information regarding Bebe Rexha’s NFL Thanksgiving half-time show has given us our first 2022 holiday season meme

Thanksgiving is here, which means the festive season is officially upon us. Fittingly, it has also seen the first meme of the holidays season thanks to Bebe Rexha’s halftime show.

Performing at an NFL halftime show between the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills which saw the latter win, Rexha was booed by those in attendance. The reason why seemed a mystery to those only following the drama from the internet, but turns out her platform she was performing wasn’t even visible for people in the stadium.

Always a positive start to have your audience completely unable to see you, because that is why people go to concerts and performances in the first place. To not see the people on stage.

The slow journey of discovering has been an excellent one, with her performance itself for those who could see it also resulting in memes. Spinning the camera around during people’s Thanksgiving meals probably isn’t the best idea, so get your sick bags ready. There’s been a heap of comments around getting vertigo from her performance, and frankly it’s hard to deny.

Typically in filmmaking, spinning a camera around is used to signify the entering of a new stage or a massive shift in the story. Essentially showing everything you knew before is now being challenged. Which does seem fitting for Rexha’s performance, because everything you knew before about holding food in is now gone.

We’re all now waiting for the lawsuit against Rexha for the immense damage to esophagi caused by the performance. Join now and get a free set of steak knives.

There’s still a solid five weeks before festive season really hits its stride, so we greatly appreciate Rexha’s efforts at trendsetting with her vomit-inducing performance.

Bebe Rexha’s NFL Thanksgiving half-time show has given us our first 2022 holiday season meme

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