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ARCADIA, Calif. (KABC)– An Arcadia nurse is behind bars and being held without bail after allegedly firing multiple shots into homes around her earlier this week.

Kathryn Pugh, 39, was arrested Monday for illegally firing a firearm at an occupied home on the 600 block of Sunset Boulevard in Arcadia. Investigators say there was an ongoing argument between the neighbor at the Pughs’ home.

“We found a drunk woman who was in possession of two guns. Ryan Mulhall referring to Pugh. “We found a bottle of tequila at her home and she was showing signs and symptoms of being intoxicated.”

Pugh’s neighbor, Pin Hsin Lin, reported the shots after two bullets pierced her ceiling, narrowly missing.

“All of a sudden there’s a straight ball,” she told Eyewitness News. “When I saw the hole, I thought, ‘That’s a real shot!’ So I immediately called the police.”

Lin has been teaching piano from her apartment for almost three years, but says when Pugh moved in last year, Pugh started complaining about the noise. It all came to a head on Monday when Lin was getting ready for her next class.

Lin first heard a loud bang around noon as she was preparing lunch in her kitchen. She assumed Pugh had slammed a door. About an hour later, she heard two more loud bangs, which she dismissed as more angry noises from Pugh.

But after the fourth shot went through her ceiling and hit a lamp by her piano, Lin said she realized the sounds were all gunshots.

When Lin later checked her kitchen, she found another bullet hole in a cupboard. The bullet had been stopped by a rice cooker on a shelf.

“The rice cooker was right under the bullet hole,” Lin said.

Two more shots from Pugh’s apartment left holes in Pugh’s window and wall. Police say these rounds hit two other occupied homes but caused no injuries.

Pugh’s bail was initially set at $250,000 and then increased to $500,000, but Judge Terry Lee Smerling deemed Pugh a danger to the community and ordered her held without bail.

“This is absolutely tragic for us,” said Karla Sarabia, the public defender assigned to serve as Pugh’s attorney.

She says Pugh is a nurse at Huntington Hospital who won a nursing award in 2019 and has no criminal record but could be held behind bars for a long time.

“Possibly it will take her to court, so it could be months and maybe even longer in a serious case like this,” Sarabia said. “She’s going to lose her job, she’s going to lose her apartment, she’s going to lose her livelihood.”

Eyewitness News reached out to Smerling, but he declined to comment.

Pugh’s mother, Marie Pugh, says her daughter doesn’t belong behind bars.

“She has no prior knowledge, she’s a responsible person, she went to Berkeley, she got a scholarship, she got a 4.0 (grade point average),” Marie said. “She is one of the best people that was ever put on this earth.”

But Lin doesn’t like the idea of ​​Pugh returning to the apartment above her.

“I’m afraid she will take revenge.”

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Arcadia nurse held without bail for alleged shooting at neighbor’s ground floor flat – World Time Todays

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