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Alethea AI releases Text Prompt to NFT Avatar: CharacterGPT app - Digital Tech Blog

Alethea AI releases Text Prompt to NFT Avatar: CharacterGPT app – Digital Tech Blog

In this article, you will get all information regarding Alethea AI releases Text Prompt to NFT Avatar: CharacterGPT app – Digital Tech Blog

Alethea AI, a research and development studio, has launched a dApp with Polygon allowing the creation of AI-powered NFTs. This allows users to create NFT avatars simply by entering text prompts.

Let’s dive into what CharacterGPT has to offer.

Alethea AI CharacterGPT
Alethea AIs has launched interactive AI-powered NFTs, allowing users to create NFT avatars by entering text-based prompts.

What is CharacterGPT?

According to Alethea AI, CharacterGPT “Anyone who creates, trains, and trades AI characters as fast as NFTs on Polygon.” Unlike other AI technologies, such as Open AI’s Dall-E 2, this one does more than just create text-based images. CharacterGPT creates fully interactive AI characters from “One line prompt in natural language.”

Where can I mint an NFT?

For those who wish to mint CharacterGPT NFTs, one can visit using the Polygon dApp.

To launch the dApp, Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal created a virtual clone to launch it. This virtual copy was then converted into the 1/1 set AI NFT from which it was developed Writings, public statements, and interviews. Additionally, there is a golden check mark next to Nailwal’s holdings to show his approval of the NFT creation. In order for this to be possible, Alethea uses artificial intelligence “The AI ​​Protocol: Equity and Ownership Layer for Generative Artificial Intelligence Now Live on Polygon.” In addition to, In a statement, Nawal said the following:

“I’ve seen firsthand how Alethea AI has developed this technology over the past few years and with their CharacterGPT AI engine.” So, his team is excited about it “Continue to support Alethea as it builds on Polygon and to bring the power and potential of generative AI to its thriving ecosystem.”

AI NFT for Sandeep Nailwal by CharacterGPT
The virtual version of Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal as 1/1 AI NFT. Credit: CryptoSlate

What are the use cases for CharacterGPT?

As interesting as CharacterGPT sounds, I’m sure you’re wondering about its potential use cases. Ahmed Matiana, COO of Alethea AI, shared some examples of use cases of the new technology. Matiana said so “Users can now create interactive, intelligent characters that can act as AI companions, digital clues, or NPCs in games.” In addition, the company hopes that iconic characters will take advantage of CharacterGPT to create digital twins of themselves. This can also “serving as digital companions for their fans”. For digital assets, they can be used in the metaverse, in games, museums, and sports stadiums, among many other things.

Since ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI, AI technology has become the talk of the Internet. This begs the question: where else will we see AI integrated? One thing is for sure, the use of AI in Web3, from AI-generated avatars to AI art. Perhaps the AI ​​PFP NFT pool will be next, but only time can tell.


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Alethea AI releases Text Prompt to NFT Avatar: CharacterGPT app – Digital Tech Blog

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