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MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Manny Saucedo shows his devotion for the Pioneer Diamondbacks on and off the field.

Saucedo has worked at Pioneer since 2016. Unlike other supporters of the school, Saucedo remodeled his Ford Ranger to show his Diamondback pride. 

“It took me quite a while but to do this, but I made it myself the way I wanted it,” said Saucedo. “I love my kids here and football and my coaches. I’m just trying to support them all the way.”

It has taken Saucedo a few years to put it all together, but he came up with the whole design himself. His main mission is to show the students and staff how much he cares about the school. 

 “They’re very good kids. I love them,” said Saucedo. “This is the way I like my truck. For me, it’s for the kids, so they can see that I support them all the way.”

As much as Saucedo shows his love and support for Pioneer, the Diamondback community shows it right back to him.

Saucedo’s favorite part about the truck is when it is lit up at night. All the added lights he installed light up, and members of the community always ask to take a picture.

“Kids love him. He’s part of our family,” said Eddie Galindo, Pioneer head football coach. “It’s a treat, and we just try to support him the way he supports us. He does a phenomenal job.”

Every Friday night, you can find Saucedo’s truck parked by the locker rooms. That way, the kids can see the pride of the Diamondbacks.

A truck devoted to the Diamondbacks

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