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Happy Occasions and Inspirations

There’s much celebrations to look out for in 2023.

For some, happy occasions can mean getting married or having a child. For others, it could be a new job or a special bonus. This start gives you the optimism that is necessary in difficult times like these. Accompanied by the Heavenly Noblemen, you should pick up some courage to anticipate some high level of success in your endeavors.

The Moon Star ranks first in the gender as a Yin or female energy. It also alludes to a powerful sense of inspirations and motivations. Because it is on your side, those with the Horse in their charts must tap into this mindset of sparks of new ideas, inventions, startups, new businesses and your determination to succeed.

The Moon Star can also show up as a female benefactor, usually a person of good connections, high status and one who can make things happen. Have you got an ongoing and unresolved issue?

It is time for you to seek solutions in a holistic way. Be it a medical, legal or a tax problem, go all out to seek help. If professional help comes in the shape of a female person, then your chances of solutions are doubled.

Compatibility: Goat, Tiger and Dog

Lucky Months: September, January and August

Lucky Colours: Sky Blue and Baby Pink

Luck Factor in 2023: 70%

Favoured Industries & Sectors: Real Estate and Manpower – Property Agents, HR Managers and Manpower Providers

Career Prospects: The inspirations are for real – Don’t turn a prospect into a suspect. A female and elderly person gives you good advice that must be taken seriously. If you feel inspired to move for a greater cause, take it as a challenge.

(Article attributed: Maybank Investment Banking Group)

2023 Feng Shui Guide to Prosperity: Horse – BusinessToday

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