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The death of actor Leslie Phillips has been felt by his fans, fellow actors, family and friends. The Harry Potter franchise is also not immune to this loss, as Phillips famously voiced the beloved Hogwarts Sorting Hat. The relationship that Phillips forged with fans (and Wizarding World characters) as the Sorting Hat throughout three of the eight Potter films left an unforgettable impression, the likes of which ensures it will always remain an essential character.

The vastness of the Harry Potter franchise allows for many characters, both big and small. Within these characters’ interactions, more than a few meaningful relationships were formed and resulted in some top-notch entertainment. But exactly which relationships were the most enjoyable to watch is a tough question to answer. As a result, Redditors have offered their own personal takes on this question (in no particular order of importance), providing some great insight into the best relationships of many of the Wizarding World’s characters.


Harry & Hermione

Harry and Hermione in Goblet of Fire

As Harry Potter’s closest female friend and ally, Hermione Granger played a major role in shaping his character development as well as aiding him in defeating Voldemort. Redditor GryffindorGal96 adds, “Tbh, one of my favorite relationships in the whole series is Harry and Hermione’s friendship.”

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While Harry and Hermione’s relationship is a great one to watch unfold over the course of the series, many fans felt let down that ultimately their friendship did not evolve into a romantic relationship. Seeing Harry end up with Ginny Weasley felt abrupt as a result – especially after Harry and Hermione had been through so much together.

Harry & The Weasleys

Harry Potter and the Weasleys at the Burrow

The Weasley family instantly took to Harry in such a way that it made so many Potterheads envious. Redditor Justintothewilds gets straight to the heart of the matter, saying, “Basically Harry’s entire relationship with the Weasleys. The way they took him in as their own was so heartwarming.”

What makes the relationship between Harry and the Weasleys so special is hard to define, partly because it’s multifaceted and not down to one specific incident. However, the fact that they instantly took to him, not because of his celebrity-like status, but because they saw straight to the heart of who he was, was indeed heart-warming.

Harry & Sirius

The discovery in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that Sirius Black was not a deranged killer, but rather Harry’s wrongly accused godfather was a wonderful twist. Redditor TheBurned_Toast says, “I really enjoyed the relationship between Harry and Sirius. We didn’t get a lot of moments between them both, but the ones we did are really great.”

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While it is true that Sirius’ relationship with Harry was tragically cut short quite early on in the series, the moments that audiences and readers do have with them are very satisfying. Naturally, it would have been excellent to see them get more time together and to see just how they would have developed their relationship had they the time, but that was just not to be.

Ron & Harry

Harry and Ron looking bored in Divination class in Harry Potter.

Throughout the entirety of Harry Potter, the friendship between Harry and Ron is one of the most compelling relationships to watch. Redditor Ann_adore makes a strong point regarding their friendship, stating: “Ron and Harry’s friendship. It’s wholesome. They had highs and lows, like any realistic friendship.”

It’s arguable that Harry and Ron’s relationship is in fact the best friendship in the entire series. The two formed a bond early on, and although Ron was initially impressed that Harry was who he was, it was not the reason why they became such fast friends. They formed a bond that made Harry a part of the Weasley family – something he was very much in need of.

Hagrid & Harry

Hagrid riding his bike, Harry in the sidecar Harry Potter

The very first person from the wizarding world that Harry ever met was Hagrid. As such, it makes sense that they became good friends. Redditor CreativeRock483 loved the pair’s relationship, saying, “I loved Hagrid and Harry’s friendship the most.”

There are many characters throughout Harry’s journey who fill a sort of fatherly role, but Hagrid might just be the closest thing to a father that Harry has. Hagrid may not always make the best decisions when it comes to dealing with fantastical creatures, but the genuine care and concern he put forth toward Harry makes him worthy of father-like respect.

Lucious & Narcissa Malfoy

Lucious and Narcissa with a group of Death Eaters

Aside from Lord Voldemort, the Malfoy family has proven itself to be enamored by evil. Much debate has occurred over the years regarding Draco’s status as a villain, but Redditor Particular_Blood9443 particularly loves Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, saying, “I really like the “we are horrible people to everyone but each other” vibe that Lucious and Narcissa give me.”

No question about it, Lucious & Narcissa give off a constant villainous vibe and their own relationship is shrouded in mystery. Whatever they see in each other seems sufficient enough to keep them going, though it’s often questionable just how evil Narcissa is compared to Lucious. Not a lot of time was dedicated to their relationship, leaving fans to question its possibilities.

Fred & George Weasley

Fred and George laughing in Harry Potter.

From the initial moments of meeting Fred and George Weasley, Potterheads were assured that the twins were constant mischief makers. Each time they appear there’s bound to be something fun or funny happening, the likes of which like led Redditor GatzbyMink to enjoy their relationship so much, stating, “Fred and George.”

Unfortunately, Fred and George’s journey from Hogwarts pranksters to joke shop owners ended in tragedy with the death of Fred during the Battle of Hogwarts. Regardless of this blow to the Weasley family and the wizarding world, the Harry Potter franchise would have been severely lacking had it not been for the two brothers and their ever-evolving talents.

Dumbledore & Harry

Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter

The relationship between Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter is arguably the most detailed and rewarding of the series. From the initial moments when Dumbledore oversees baby Harry’s delivery to the Dursleys, a tremendous number of questions exist. Redditor lunarosepiano picks this relationship as a favorite, saying, “Dumbledore and Harry.”

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Watching Harry grow up and form a strong bond with the beloved Hogwarts headmaster is a treat in itself, but it’s the information that Dumbledore slowly imparts upon Harry that really keeps fans riveted. Frustrating at times, Dumbledore carefully executed a plan that ensured Harry would be kept safe from harm and prepared to deal with the dangers that lay ahead.

Ron & Hermione

Ron and Hermione sitting together smiling in Harry Potter.

The three friends of the Harry Potter series – Hermione, Harry and Ron undertook a journey that had tremendous highs and lows and which brought them all much closer together as a result. But it’s the relationship between Ron and Hermione that truly entertained Redditor CreativeRock483, who says, “Ron and Hermione. I love drama in fictional love stories.”

So many fans were surprised to see that it was Ron and Hermione who ended up getting married in their years after Hogwarts. Their relationship throughout the series was tailored with hints that they were indeed becoming more than just friends, and despite Hermione not ending up with Harry, watching her and Ron’s relationship change is special in its own way.

Harry & Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood looking up

Though she was introduced slightly later on in the series than most of the franchise’s core group of characters, Luna Lovegood ended up forming a solid friendship with Harry. Redditor GryffindorGal96 found the relationship endearing enough to qualify as one of the best relationships to watch in the series, saying, “Harry and Luna.”

Harry and Luna’s relationship has the unifying detail of both having lost their mothers. Beyond this, Luna proved her devotion to fighting Voldemort by joining Dumbledore’s Army and taking part in the Battle of Hogwarts. She and Harry are both similar in many aspects and the more one pays attention to their relationship, the clearer this becomes.

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10 Most Enjoyable Relationships To Watch, According To Reddit – United States KNews.MEDIA

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