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books to read in your 20s

Top 10 Books Never Forget to Read in Your 20s

Here we present you the most refreshing list of Top 10 Books to Read in Your 20s. Picked from the world’s great writers for the best reading experiences in your teens.

Top 10 Books to Read in Your 20s

1- The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

books to read in your 20s
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This book basically is a self-help book. It tells us, in life, there are some issues that are not much visible but retain some impressions over us; these issues complicate our emotional and psychological space and miss lead us. This book helps a lot to understand hidden issues in our life, that disturb us badly and it gives some suggestions to tackle those issues and helps in not getting affected by the unnecessary issues popping every minute around us.

2- Mastery by Robert Greene

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mastery books to read in your 20s

A self-help book: that can be called as the best counselor, for every teen. This book guides to explore what is that one thing which makes one person different from other. By reading this book one can get to know the factors which make each individual unique. Ultimately creating a path towards “mastery of own talent”.

3- Alchemist

Alchemist: best books to read in your 20s

It’s an adventure fiction book.  Indirectly inspiring, to work for what our inner desires are; searching them in every corner of the heart. Once you start working for it, the whole universe conspires to get you that. This book is a great motivational boost.

4- Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

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ANNE FRANK AUTOBIOGRAPHY (Books to read in your 20s)

It is an autobiography. This diary of a very young girl teaches you the biggest lessons. It doesn’t seem that the writer of the diary was this much young. My reading experience was, there is a lot to learn from this but one thing that I realized was we can see the nature around us every time, any time, it’s the biggest happiness. We do not realize it but it is. By reading this book we can realize that we have a lot around us, all we need is to be thankful for it and enjoy it. For me, this book connected me, deeply to nature and the freedom that I enjoy each second in my life.

5- The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

THE FORTY RULES OF LOVE (Books to read in your 20s)

This book’s genre is literary fiction. It tells us that, we see the world the way others tell us; in a way, our perspective becomes what we are shown. This book gives a new dimension to look at the world from the perspective of great Sufis and brings the spiritual essence at the front. Finding out the difference between what is the society showing us and what we think the reality is.

6- The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell

The Conquest of Happiness (Books to read in your 20s)

It’s a self-help book. It is important to look at the matters of life more openly. The reason for looking at the problems in a wider space is, it clarifies the confusion and the problem, with our wisdom finding better ways of getting to the solution. This book on a whole shows distinction between happiness, unhappiness and their causes behind. A major problem with we humans is we are weaker at an emotional level, so self-help books help us heal emotionally.

7- The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

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The 4 Hour workweek (Books to read in your 20s)

This book is a nonfiction self-help book. In teens, this book can be very effective in terms of understanding our own strengths of working on a specific task. Creating own rules for life. This recreating activity creates a deep connection with our interest and in the end, we start working according to it. This book helps create preferences and working on them in reality. It simply gives the formula to set our lives in an organized manner.

8- The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak

The Bastard of Istanbul (Books to read in your 20s)

The genre of book is Drama. This book tells much about Turkey. The writer shows this book much like a puzzle. The writing style of this book is very different. the coherence in a story is revealed by getting near to a conclusion where all the pieces of the story start showing a connection to each other. This book is a beautiful example of drama writing.

9-Badawi by Mohed Altrad

Badawi (Books to read in your 20s)

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The genre of this book is Fiction. This book holds a very interesting, motivating story that inspires so deep that we start living with it. This story is based on the journey of a poor guy from poverty to wealth. It shows the willingness of a poor boy against his decided and available fate. All he does is fight against his fate and changes his destination with determination and strength.

10- The Teenage guide to Stress by Nicola Morgan

The Teenage guide to stress (Books to read in your 20s)

This is a self-help book. This book is based on the external pressures created around a teenager. This book guides to handle and understand the condition behind stress for a teenager. It provides many solutions to several stress conditions that can help teens as well as people living around them to handle stressful situations.


P.S: This post is written by our lovely reader and we are really thankful for their appreciable efforts. (THANKS)


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